03 dec 2013 – good time


after last thursday’s successful pre-work run around the river, Jamie and I decided to make it a regular occurrence each thursday AND tuesday…

tuesdays for me currently are 1km repeats, session 2 (i.e. at a faster rate than session 1) – but with a bit of thought, we decided that it would work  – a slow warm-up, 1km repeats with 60 seconds walking recovery in between, and then an easy pace run for whatever distance was left over from the 10km around the circuit.

yet again, I LOVED it. it just makes a nice change from the local streets, and the Swan River in Perth is a beautiful place to run, walk or even sit.

even though my mind is completely focused on my own run at the time, it’s also nice to have that social element before and after the run, and also during recovery breaks etc.

all in all, a great way to start the day 🙂

02:45 – 1 berocca, 1 x multivit, 3 x fish oil capsules, 1 x glucosamine
03:00 – honey muesli flakes, cheesy ham and tomato omelette,, orange juice.
04:50 – bus, nap
06:15 – 1km repeats (see below)
07:45 – protein bar, banana, black coffee
09:30 – peach fruit cup
12:00 – thai salad with chicken tender and hoisin sauce
12:30 – apricots and pears
13:15 – almonds, pretzels & peanuts
14:00 – pikelets and strawberry jam
14:15 – bus, no nap
15:45 – core work (see below)
17:30 – banana & skim milk smoothie
18:30 – lamb curry, brown rice & quinoa, naan bread
20:30 – glass milk, 3 fish oil capsules, 1 night-time multi. bed.

1km repeats

I was scheduled to do 4 x 1km repeats at 5:00 per km pace, so we did 10 minutes at a gentle warm-up pace, walked a little until we’d cleared the Narrows Bridge, did the 4 repeats along the South Perth foreshore, walked a little and then an easy pace run back.

The watch was showing just under 10km when I got back to the office building, so I did a little loop at the end to take it up to the full 10 LOL.

The repeats were incredibly hard work this morning, and I only really succeeded in hitting a consistent 5:00 pace for the first one.

A fast 10km on Sunday might have had an impact, plus, unlike my usual 1km stretch, I didn’t have a focal point for each burst at 5:00 pace. Overall I’m happy that I pushed hard and got the repeats done, but I’d have been a little happier if the pace had been closer to the target.

Was nice to see that my easy pace, after doing the repeats, settled in at just a little over 7:00 per km – which shows the base pace really is lifting over time!




35 x crunches x 5
35 x bicycle legs x 5
2 minute plank x 2

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