04 Jun 2012: The Whole Of The Moon

Partial lunar eclipse tonight…

This post will be another quick catch-up – we’ve just had a long weekend and I’ve been so busy with website work that I completely forgot about the blog….

Key points from the weekend:

Saturday – went to Grasshopper Soccer in the morning with Kian. Cooked family dinner with main and dessert both being Weightwacthers recipes (Lime Fish Curry and Strawberry & Vanilla Yoghurt Swirl Cake). Both were delicious, and offset by nibbles, couple of beers, couple of red wines and the first scotch in a while.

Sunday – got up at 4:15am, down the gym around 4:30am and rowed 21km (half marathon) for a second time. Beat the last time by 42 seconds: 2 hours, 07 minutes 46 seconds. Spent the rest of the day sipping water, doing website work and sleeping!

Monday – slept in until about 7:30am and spent the day split between working on the computer and resting. Amazing how much a half marathon row really does take out of you!

Really looking forward to tomorrow morning though – early start, head up to Walkabout Wellness in Malaga for Body Clock Testing and a training session.