05 Dec 2012 – plateau

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times… or at the very least, this morning was one of mixed emotions and experiences. it started off well enough, I woke up, glanced at the clock and mentally punched the air when I realised I had enough time today to fit in a half marathon row (seriously, what has happened to me!!!) it all went downhill after that…

first of all, I did my 3rd wednesday pre-training weigh-in. for a change it didn’t register 119.1kg – this time it was 119.5kg! f&*^%^ f&*^& f&^*^*&!

it was a bit of a disappointment to say the least – I’m giving it one more week, if there’s still no change then I’m going to let the 100kg thing slide until the new year…

so then, after a quick warm-up, I sat down on the rower, set the clock at 21.1km and started rowing… at about 7km my left-hand arse cheek muscle started to complain, at 8km it wouldn’t shut up when told, at 9km it was more annoying than late night infomercial TV and at 10km I called it a day. by this time the by-now-familiar combination of hot and cold sweats had kicked in, so I simply rolled over and accepted disappointment number 2.

I then walked it off, doing 3km on the treadmill at a steady, comfortable 6km/h

overall – damn this sort-of-underlying-cold thing that refuses to actually show itself as a full-on cold, damn my left arse cheek muscle, and to hell with the stupid weightloss plateau shit that my body seems to think is a great idea…

I’m eating salads for crying out loud, I’m going to the gym, I’m generally avoiding bad shit – is this some kind of sick, twisted joke???

that said, I’m not going to let it bother me 🙂


Time got up (today): 02:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5


02:35 – 1 small “mini toast” snack, glass water
03:45 – gym (see below)
04:45 – bowl cereal, orange juice
05:25 – bus, nap
06:15 – skinny long mac, few nuts & dates
09:00 – morning walk, banana, yoghurt, dates, cranberries, walnuts, almonds
11:30 – lunchtime walk, wholemeal roll with  hot chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce


5 mins bike warm-up

10km row – 48:24
3km treadmill walk –  30:04

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