05 dec 2013 – little drummer boy


i was very excited when i woke up this morning – as you know, I’ve started doing a bit of early morning running with a work colleague, and this morning’s run was on a route I have covered many times as a lunchtime walk, and have been increasingly keen to run. it includes a beast of a hill that is very popular (for some bizarre reason) for lunchtime (think stinking hot weather in summer) hill repeats.

I have to say, it did not disappoint!

I’m happy to say that I did run up the hill, albeit slowly, and it was a great workout. This was then followed by a thoroughly pleasant, undulating, few kms through King’s Park, along a pathway called “Law Walk”. It comes out at the far end near a boatshed that is something of a local landmark.

This was followed by a pleasant, flat stretch along the shore of the Swan River, back towards the city. It was at this point Jamie (my running buddy) suggested it might be a nice idea to walk up Jacob’s Ladder (242 steps up from the river level, to pretty much the top of the hill we’d conquered earlier in the run)

So we made a cheeky little diversion, walked up Jacob’s Ladder and then ran back down the hill, down St Georges’ Terrace and then a bit of a sprint finish down Mill St.

The last km of the run we were running along streets filled with office workers smoking, walking to the office, having a coffee etc.

It was at that point I realised exactly how much my life and my day to day routines really have changed in the past 2 years.

It was awesome.

Sadly, the Garmin didn’t get a signal until we were in King’s Park, and Strava on the iPhone had to be used to track the run. I had to edit the GPS data on Strava because a couple of extra super-speedy kms seem to have been added due to GPS issues in the city (between the highrise buildings etc.)


02:45 – 1 berocca, 1 x multivit, 3 x fish oil capsules, 1 x glucosamine
03:00 – almond toasted muesli, 2 slices toast with butter & vegemite, orange juice
04:50 – bus, nap
05:45 – energy snack
06:00 – run (see above)
07:45 – protein bar, banana, black coffee
10:00 – small slice black forest gateau (someone’s birthday)
11:45 – mexican chicken stack
12:00 – orange


35 x crunches x 5
35 x bicycle legs x 5
2 minute plank x 2

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