05 Mar 2012: Labour Day

It wouldn’t be Labour Day without a bit of Billy Bragg…


Time to bed (previous night): 22:30
Time got up (today): 04:45
Daily step count: 4768 (am) pedometer left on desk for most of the day 🙁
Daily water intake: 3100ml
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 3
Lunch 4


04:45 – Woke up feeling fine, rated as 3 above just because there was a dash of negativity in the air (generally). Glass of water, slice of dry toast with vegemite
05:30 – Gym (see details below)
07:00 – Short walk with Marble
07:30 – 2 Multigrain Weetbix, glass orange juice
09:00 – Bike ride with Helen and Kian to Sutherlands Park. (about 2km each way), Apple.
10:00 – Sliced banana, banana+honey yoghurt, nuts and seeds
12:30 – Pizza (wholemeal base, eggplant, chicken, capsicum, cheese) and sweet potato chips. Weightwatchers Cherry Bakewell
16:00 – Apple, 6 grapes, plum
18:00 – Kangaroo, cous cous (with mushroom and eggplant) and corn on the cob. Weightwatchers Cherry Bakewell
22:30 – Glass milk and bed


5 minute warm-up on bike – 1.903km
1000m warm-up row – 5m 14s
15 push-ups (4 toe), 15 fitball squats, 15 assisted chinups (80kg)
15 push-ups (4 toe), 15 fitball squats, 15 assisted chinups (80kg)
1000m row (100/100 intervals) – 4m 48s

3km walk – because I’m not going into the office today, so no riverside walk! (29m 50s)


2km bike ride to park (and 2km back) was brilliant – very good practical demonstration of how “exercise” can simply be an integral part of family/everyday activity. Instead of jumping in the car, a cycle ride up the road, some fun at the playground and then a cycle home. Brilliant.

There’s a public barbie there too, so future trips may involve having breakfast out!

Coould be a handy little circuit for the future too. 4km round trip (walk, run or cycle), large playing fields (and an oval). Loads of potential.

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