05 Mar 2013 – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-kVFfKezVo?rel=0] 

a return to the gym after the weekend’s re-arranged schedule, which included hitting the deck while out jogging, doing Monday’s gym session on Sunday, crawling/running around the laser corps battlefield, consuming a quantity of non-isotonic beer and then a famildy day out yesterday (lots of walking).

net effect = very sore knees and other joints, but generally not too bad. I suspect that most of the knee and joint aches are due to coming to a sudden halt mid-jog on Saturday.

very slow getting out of bed this morning, but the gym session went surprisingly well once I got into it.


Time got up (today): 03:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4
Lunch 4
Night 4


03:30 – jatz cracker, glass water
03:45 – gym (see below)
05:00 – bowl cereal, 2 slices toast, orange juice
05:55 – bus, nap
06:30 – black coffee
12:00 – lunchtime walk, chicken, tomato, cheese & lettuce roll. rice pudding.
14:15 – bus, nap
18:00 – dinner
22:00 – glass milk, bed


today’s session

sunday’s session

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