06 Mar 2012: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This was the first song I heard on the radio this morning – haven’t heard it for ages…


Time to bed (previous night): 22:30
Time got up (today): 04:05
Daily step count: 10745
Daily water intake: 3000ml
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4
Lunch 5
Night 5


04:05 – Woke up feeling good. Glass of water, slice of dry toast with vegemite
04:45 – Gym (see details below)
06:00 – Short walk with Marble
06:15 – 2 Multigrain Weetbix, glass orange juice
10:30 – Skinny long macchiato, Danish Pastry (yes Britt, I know, AWAY from the goal!)
13:00 – Salad bowl (ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cucumber)
15:30 – Walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas and an apple
18:30 – Turkey curry, brown rice and daal. Weight watchers cherry bakewell tart
21:30 – glass milk, bed


5 minute warm-up on bike – 1.982km
500m warm-up row – 2m 29s
15 push-ups (6 toe), 15 fitball squats, 15 calf raises
500m row – 2m 14s
15 push-ups (all knee), 15 fitball squats, 15 calf raises
500m row – 2m 15s
500m row – 2m 10s

3km walk – because I’m not going into the office until lunchtime, so no riverside walk! (30m 04s)


3 thoughts on “06 Mar 2012: Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

  1. Hey Gary,
    Danish party! Yep that is away from the goal but life goes on. Don’t make it a habit and all is well!
    Looking at todays food intake, the things that stands out is that a swap of lunch and dinner would have been great.
    Less carbs at night will give your body less work to do on digestion and more on rebuilding muscles stronger.
    Rice + tart dessert would be better had during the day if at all.
    Think of carbs as fuel for the day. Start with a full tank and then taper it off through the day, fueling yourself until head home time and then start minimizing any starchy carbs (Vegs and fruit are ok due to the high nutrient content balancing things out)
    When you sleep your body is busy doing three things; rest, repair, digest. The more it can rest and repair and the less digesting the better!

    Food for thought!

  2. Fair enough on the Cherry Bakewell…

    I’ll mention your comments to the head of catering… could be an interesting conversation as that’s family meal time due to kindy, work etc. etc.

    Would it work if it’s just meat/fish and veggies, no rice, potato etc.?

  3. Yes absolutely! Getting the carbs from your veggies at night is a great idea. Meat/fish veggies that have colour (ie not potato)

    Rice at lunch is fine, potatos I would limit to no more than 3x per week and in small quantities preferably with the skin on

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