06 nov 2013 – count on me


a nice happy tune to start the day, particularly as my cold is now starting to go away…

yes, that cold finally won the battle, broke through late on Sunday, and took hold during Monday’s seminar (which I subsequently abandoned at lunchtime, headed home and fell asleep).

so a quick recap? had a great run on Sunday. was supposed to be a 20km run around the Swan River – wound up being a 21.1km half marathon, with a 500m walk and cool down.

Monday I did nothing, Tueday I slept and watched movies.

Finally this morning (Wednesday) I got up early, went to the gym and did a light session with just a 5km row and a little stretching. Was dreading the weigh-in, but luckily the gym scales need new batteries so any gain will remain a secret for now!

Overall there’s been a good lesson learned in the past 2 weeks – don’t try to fight through a chesty cough and/or cold. Let it come, deal with it, ease back on training, and then ease back into things once you have started to recover.

I’m a bit miffed that I’m missing my 1km intervals this week AND putting abs and push-up stuff on hold too – but I need to recover enough to do a 15km trail run (at easy pace) on Sunday, and build things back up after that!

02:45 – energy drink. cold & flu tablets, berocca, 1 x multivit, 3 x fish oil capsules, 1 x glucosamine, zinc tablet (to help with the cold)
03:00 – gym (see below)
04:00 – cereal, toast with peanut butter
04:50 – bus, nap
05:45 – black coffee
08:00 – yoghurt
09:30 – red apple
10:30 – rosemary & rocksalt crackers
11:30 – asian coleslaw & beef rissoles
12:30 – apple crumble
14:15 – bus, nap
17:30 – chicken, pineapple & mango salsa, wedges
19:00 – cup of tea, small piece of cake
20:30 – glass milk, 3 fish oil capsules, 1 night-time multi. bed


5km row – approximately 23 minutes

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