07 May 2013 – Nymphetamine

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dW6aNAZGTM?rel=0&w=560&h=315] 

Busy weekend, then a day off sick on Monday (yesterday) = more blog neglect. So to quickly recap…

Saturday was a rest (non-training) day, Sunday was long run day (19.48km in 2:45:13), Monday was spent mostly in bed sleeping due to coughing, sneezing and aches all over.

Actually, to go back to that long run… I set out at a deliberately slow pace but the average time per km started to reduce steadily once I had fully warmed up around the 3km mark. In the end the overall average was just under 8:30 per km, but several 1km splits were sub-8 minutes, and number 14 was 6:40 (must have been downhill).

That average pace would produce a half marathon time of just under 3 hours – so here’s hoping I can replicate that on May 19th.

But it wasn’t just the pace that gave me cause to celebrate – for large chunks of the route I felt comfortable and even (dare I say it) enjoyed it.

Hopefully it will continue…

So, back to today:

03:45 – jatz cracker, glass water
04:00 – 4.9km active recovery run – 46:30
05:00 – toasted almond muesli, 2 pieces wholegrain toast, tomato, cheese, ham, glass orange juice
05:25 – bus, nap
07:00 – black coffee, kiwi fruit, cheese & chive crackers
09:00 – crunchy noodle snack
10:15 – green tea
11:30 – roast chicken linguine
12:30 – manadarin
13:30 – citrus, sultana & oat cookie
14:20 – train, bus, no nap 🙁
15:30 – cup of coffee, bread and vegemite
18:00 – turkey rissotto, cup of tea
21:00 – glass milk, bed

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