08 Aug 2012: Go Let It Out


I sometimes think that “Pick a long row” day is my favourite in the current program. I usually just try to switch off for the bulk of the time, listen to whatever comes up next on the phone (shuffle mode)  and block out the physical discomforts when they start to kick in.

Today I decided to do a 1 hour row and wanted to ensure that the distance covered was greater than last time. So I figured out the pace required (about 2:15 per 500m) and focused on maintaining that throughout. I still had the music on, but mentally I was more focused on mini-milestones (1k intervals), significant milestones (quarter way, one third of the way, half way etc.) and mentally calculating the total final distance based on distance at each milestone.

It worked well, I didn’t get bored, I didn’t really notice any physical discomfort and I beat my previous “1 hour” distance by around 600m!


Time to bed (previous night): 22:00
Time got up (today): 03:45
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 4
Night 4


03:45 – 2 jatz lite crackers, glass of water
04:00 – Gym (see details below)
05:30 – 2 fried eggs on toast with a little low fat cheese. Orange juice
06:50 – Bus, meditate, nap
08:00 – Skinny long mac – a few nuts
10:30 – A few nuts
14:00 – Roll with chicken schnitzel, cheese, tomato, lettuce
18:00 – Meatballs and pasta
22:30 – Milk, bed


5 minutes warm-up bike

1 hour row – 13.794km