09 Jul 2012: Back to Black

Back to… the gym actually…


Time to bed (previous night): Midnight (ish)
Time got up (today): 05:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4
Lunch 5
Night 3.5 (very tired)
Weight: 122.7kg (shoes on)


05:30 – 2 Jatz Crackers, glass of water
05:45 – Gym (see details below)
07:30 – Bowl porridge. 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, 2 slices toast. Orange juice
09:30 – Piece of bread – I was ravenous!
09:40 – 1km walk to library for meeting
13:00 – Wok-in-a-Box small serve beef rendang curry & rice
16:30 – 1km walk home
18:00 – Pasta, bolognese & low fat cheese
22:15 – Milk, bed


5 minutes warm-up bike

5km Row – 22m 31s @ level 7

20 x Leg Press (level 15), 20 x Chest Press (level 10)

20 x Leg Press (level 15), 20 x Chest Press (level 10)

20 x Leg Press (level 15), 20 x Chest Press (level 10)

20 x Push-ups, 20 Squats

20 x Push-ups, 20 Squats

20 x Push-ups, 20 Squats

20 x Crunches

“Plank” as long as possible – count of 41

20 x Ab Twists

“Plank” as long as possible – count of 25

40 x bicycle legs

“Plank” as long as possible – count of 33



I dreamt I went to the gym, which made it quite difficult to convince myself to get up… once I got around that issue, it was off to the gym for the first time in almost 2 weeks.

To cut a long story short, I was completely knackered by the end, could easily have called it a day a couple of times, and feel really good now I’ve rested, eaten and sat down to type this journal…

Leg press and chest press weights were reduced significantly and that was definitely needed. Missing out over a week of training due to illness certainly had an effect – I REALLY felt it when I started doing the push-ups. Seriously Britt – chest press AND push-ups? Evil….

The other main thing that came to mind at the gym was the 5km row. When I wrote it down in my notebook, it didn’t really register as much more than a bit of an increase on the 1km rows I’d got used to.

Reality bit hard when I start rowing and realised that I would be doing one of the shorter “long rows” PLUS all the other stuff – I think I knew then that I wasn’t going to have much energy left by the time I drove home…

Weight… was pleasantly surprised to only be 100g above the last official weigh-in weight. So I’ve not done as badly as feared. Funny thing was, I weighed myself again at the end of the session, and it showed 122.2kg. An issue with the scales, or 500g lost in sweat? Hmmm….

All good – and nice to be back into the routine…