100 days to change your world

it’s september 23rd. there’s exactly 100 days to the end of 2013.


imagine what you could achieve with so much time!

in 100 days you can build a whole new set of habits.

in 100 days you could establish a new pattern of behaviour.

in 100 days you could be 15kg lighter than you are today.

in 100 days you could be capable of running 5 kilometres!

but will you? or will you just sit there, as usual. thinking. procrastinating. finding all the excuses you need to NOT do the things you really want to.

all it takes is a small change in your thinking’

stop telling yourself you can’t. stop telling yourself all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. stop telling yourself there’s no point.

flip the switch to “positive” mode, tell yourself you CAN do it. you ARE capable. it IS possible.

because once you make that one change to your thinking, everything else will fall into line and follow that lead.

you’ve got ONE HUNDRED DAYS.

what will YOU do with them?

whatever you do, please don’t waste them. not again.


image courtesy of MMcDonough

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