11 Jun 2012: On The Turning Away

You’ve got to be happy when this song comes on the radio, as you head to the gym at 3:30 in the morning..


Time to bed (previous night): 21:30
Time got up (today): 03:15
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 4 (a little tired)
Night 5


03:15 – Rice cake, glass of water
03:30 – Gym (see details below)
05:00 – Bowl of porridge. Orange juice
06:00 – Bus, meditate, nap
07:00 – Long mac, muesli bar
10:30 – Morning walk, sliced banana, yoghurt, nuts and seeds
14:00 – Lunchtime walk, subway foot long, tuna, cheese and all the salad
18:00 – Chicken and vegetable stew
23:00 – Milk, bed


5 min warm-up bike – 2.650km

1000m row – 4m 0s
Recover and stretch

2 x 500m row – 1m 50s and 1m 49s
Recover and stretch

3 x 400m row – 1m 24s, 1m 24s and 1m 30s – went really hard on the last one, but had nothing left over the last 50 to 100m
Recover and stretch

4 x 300m row – 1m 0s, 1m 01s, 1m 03s and 59s
Recover and stretch

3 x 200m row – 36s, 37s and 34s
Recover and stretch


Was pretty pleased with the rowing times – some good consistency, and some improvement too.

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