11 Oct 2016 – Listen


another day that started pretty well – woke feeling reasonably refreshed and definitely feeling a positive impact from doing my runs at an easier pace. will keep that up for a few weeks, then start pushing the intensity on the shorter Tuesday and Thursday sessions. expecting to see some shift in the numbers the next time I stand on scales – definitely feeling leaner and lighter since switching back to lite n easy. we shall see 🙂

daily schedule

05:30 – woke up feeling pretty good again

06:00 – 4km run easy pace – solid run

07:30 – lite n easy breakfast – cereal, toast with peanut butter & strawberry jam

08:15 – bus into Perth, grabbed a short nap

10:00 – lite n easy snacks at various times

12:15 – walk around Perth cbd

13:30 – lite n easy lunch – mixed spinach salad, croutons, roast chicken breast. sweet pineapple bites

15:00 – lite n easy snacks at various times

18:15 – bus, short nap



Food Diary for Oct 11th 2016



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