12 Feb 2013 – stop crying your heart out

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhZUsNJ-LQU?rel=0] 

it was no surprise to me that I didn’t wake up until 4:15 this morning. by the end of yesterday, I was very very tired, and the aches and pains from the upper body work had kicked in.

the aches and pains were still there this morning, and so it was with some relief that I realised today’s session was a shorter one, with some rowing and leg work.

so it provided some welcome relief for the recovering muscle groups, and being a shorter session (about 45 minutes) it didn’t matter so much that I had slept in a little.

on the down side, the session included lunges. for some reason I seem to be allergic to lunges; I’m apparently not balanced and coordinated enough, and they hurt LOL. hopefully their inclusion in this current training program will help resolve much of that.


Time got up (today): 04:15
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 4 (tired)


04:15 – jatz cracker, glass water
04:30 – gym (see details below)
05:30 – bowl cereal, 2 pieces toast, orange juice
06:25 – bus, meditate, nap
07:15 – skinny long mac
09:30 – morning walk, yoghurt, dried fruit, nuts, grapes
12:00 – lunchtime walk, chicken, tomato, lettuce & cheese roll
14:00 – few dates
14:20 – bus, nap
18:30 – Beef curry, brown rice
23:00 – Milk, bed



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