12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

As part of the overall No More Mr Fat Guy “project”, I am taking part in the Walkabout Wellness “12-Week Weight Loss Challenge”. That’s pretty much where the Feb 13th “official start date” idea came from.

So, “what is this 12 week challenge you speak of?” I hear you cry!

Biggest Loser Tie-In

First of all, the WW 12-week challenge has been designed to coincide with the Michelle Bridges 12-week challenge. Michelle is the red team coach on Australia’s Biggest Loser, and her 12-week challenge encourages people to do something about their health, weight and fitness, taking advantage of the interest generated by the current series of Biggest Loser.


Like the Biggest Loser, the Walkabout Wellness 12-Week Challenge involves a number of teams;

  • Walkabout Wellness team – training with Britt at the WW gym
  • Team “Wishy Washy” – training at the WW gym, doing the Michelle Bridges challenge
  • The “No More Mr Fat Guy” Team – training with Britt remotely and checking in at the WW gym periodically
  • Possible Mystery team – to be announced, probably working with Britt at different locations.

Special Deal from Walkabout Wellness

To help ensure as many people can get involved (and benefit) as possible, Britt has created a special package for both remote and non-remote participants.

Full details can be found on the Walkabout Wellness website – basically it’s a package of services that have been given a massive discount (over 60% off). Works out to be less than the price of a coffee per day!

Join The NMMFG Team!!

The No More Mr Fat Guy team is recruiting. To join in the fun and games just do one simple thing:

Contact Britt today and register your interest!

WARNING: By joining the “No More Mr Fat Guy” Team, and participating in the Walkabout Wellness 12-Week Challenge, you are in serious danger of drastically improving your health.

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