16 Mar 2012: Body Pump Up The Jam

Weigh-in, measure and Body Pump session at the WW gym tonight. Body Pump, Pump Up The Jam… Geddit? lol


Time to bed (previous night): 22:00
Time got up (today): 04:15
Daily water intake: 1000ml
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 5


04:15 – Sandwich thin with vegemite, glass water
04:45 – Gym (see below)
05:30 – 2 multigrain Weetbix and skim milk
05:50 – Bus, meditate, rest
06:30 – Riverside walk
07:15 – Skinny Long Mac, few walnuts, pine nuts and seeds
09:30 – Banana, blueberry yoghurt, nuts and seeds
11:30 – Teriyaki Fish Bento Box (Fish, rice, 2 pcs sushi, shredded cabbage, fruit salad)
19:00 – Salmon and greens
22:00 – Glass milk, bed


5 minute warm-up on bike – 2.082km
500m warm-up row – 2m 29s
15 fitball squats, 15 push-ups (all knee)
500m row – 2m 03s
15 fitball squats, 15 push-ups (5 toe, 10 knee)
500m row – 2m 00s
15 fitball squats, 15 push-ups (10 toe, 5 knee)
500m row – 2m 11s (out of puff around 300m, recovered and rowed harder for final 80m or so)


Toe push-ups came easier as the gym session progressed – the first set of push-ups it simply wasn’t happening. Partly due to shoulder hurting, partly (I suspect) mental. Having got up at 4:15 I was effectively running a bit late, so that was probably in the back of my mind (cranking out 15 push-ups is a time-consuming process at the moment).

On the flip side – some great times on the rowing, with 2 minutes all but broken for a single 500m row.

Interesting how these things (possibly) work…

Body Pump didn’t happen in the end – due to keys being locked in the gym LOL

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