2014-08-18: “pre-season” week 2 day 1

week 2 of “pre-season” started with a bit of a damp fizzle… thanks to a combination of an overnight thunderstorm, heavy rain when I woke up, and a preference for staying warm and dry while I try and keep a cold at bay…

so no walk done in the morning, despite being awake as per my usual routine. I did a bit of meditation, reflection and mental planning instead…

the weather brightened up later, so I walked a few kms at lunchtime.

overall I was a bit disappointed that week 2 got off to a slow start, but the routines are in place and I’m raring to go once I get the all-clear to re-commence training in a couple of weeks!

week 2 day 1 journal

note: breakfast, lunch and dinner all part of lite n easy 1500 calorie pack. at least 1.5l of fresh cold water consumed across the day.

03:30 – meditation, reflection, planning

04:00 – breakfast – two slices of fruit and muesli toast with butter, vaniall yoghurt. orange juice

05:00 – bus, 30 minute nap

06:00 – coffee, 2 sugars

10:00 – mandarin

10:30 – cup of tea, 2 sugars

12:30 – short stroll – http://www.strava.com/activities/181787954

13:30 – Greek Meatballs, Salad and Cucumber Raita in a Wrap. Tropical Crush

14:30 – Corn Chips with Salsa Dip

15:00 – cup of tea, 2 sugars. Date & Ginger Cookie

16:15 – bus, nap

18:00 – butter chicken

20:30 – glass milk, bed


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