23 May 2013 – No Expectations

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rIqBeMZAMc?rel=0&w=560&h=315] 

my right thigh still has a bit of a “dead leg” feel, so I knew this morning’s run was going to be on the slow side. but that didn’t matter – in the end it was all about getting out there, letting the muscles warm up and ease a little, and basically enjoying it!

90 minutes to do just under 11km – yeah, not breaking any records, but overall there’s no serious damage and I can now focus on plodding through 32km on Saturday morning.

Amazing to think that Saturday’s run will be the “peak” of the training schedule, and things will taper down to the full marathon on Jun 16th.

Only goal in mind is to finish. Other than that, there really are “no expectations”.

03:15 – cookie, glass water
03:30 – 10.67km run – 1:30:59
05:00 – honey muesli flakes, 1 slice toast with apricot jam. bacon & tomato omelette. orange juice
06:25 – bus, nap
08:30 – black coffee. dried apricots
09:30 – orange
11:00 – wholegrain roll with vegemite
12:00 – chicken burger with tomato & mayo on ciabatta roll
12:45 – pikelets with strawberry jam. green tea
13:45 – red apple
14:45 – rice pudding
15:15 – bus, nap
17:00 – slice toast
18:30 – chicken kiev, chips & peas
22:00 – milk, bed

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