24 sep 2012: big exit

not much to report from the weekend – i spent most of the time weeding and digging in the back yard, so there’s a few muscles giving out indications of having been used. sunday night was a family dinner (cooked by yours truly), and none of the dishes would make it onto a Weightwatchers menu for sure; brie, date, walnut & rocket salad, roast lamb & veggies, chocolate tart.

hit the gym this morning feeling a little sluggish, but an hour of doing the right thing soon fixed that up. i used the “weights day” routine from the previous programme, which fitted very nicely into a one hour session.

i will be doing a combination of those shorter sessions and the longer ones from the most recent programme. during the week i would ideally like to  keep the gym time down to an hour or so, while also keeping up the longer rows and the running.

recently i’ve noticed that i’ve slipped back a little with things like push-ups, so it’ll be good to bring back some of the upper body work. keeping the gym time down will make it possible to still get the early bus without needing to be in bed by 8pm!

i’ll be compensating a little by keeping up the recent increase in walking during the day…



Time got up (today): 03:45
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 3
Lunch 3
Night 4


03:45 -lite jatz cracker, water
04:00 – gym (see below)
05:30 – bowl cereal, orange juice
06:25 – bus, meditate, nap
07:30 – skinny long macchiato
10:30 – few nuts
11:30 – extended riverside walk  (narrows bridge, south perth foreshore, causeway, riverside drive) 11km
13:30 – brown roll with spicy chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, small dab of mayo
15:00 – few nuts, bus, nap
18:30 – fish, chips, peas
22:00 – glass milk, bed


5 mins bike warmup
500m row – 1m 46s

leg press x 20 (level 17), x 15 (level 18), x 10 (level 19)
chest press x 20 (level 12) , x 15 (level 12), x 10 (level 12)
assisted chinups x 10 (60kg offset) , x 10 (60kg offset), x 10 (60kg offset)
seated row x 20 (50kg) , x 15 (50kg), x 10 (50kg)

10 x triceps rope (30kg), 10 x bicep curl (20kg), 10 x shoulder press (20kg)
10 x triceps rope (30kg), 10 x bicep curl (20kg), 10 x shoulder press (20kg)
10 x triceps rope (30kg), 10 x bicep curl (20kg), 10 x shoulder press (20kg)

20 x crunches, 20 x ab twists, 20 x bicycle legs (20 each leg)
15 x crunches, 15 x ab twists, 15x bicycle legs (15 each leg)
10 x crunches, 10 x ab twists, 10 x bicycle legs (10 each leg)


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