25 April 2012: ANZAC Day

On a day when everyone is saying “Lest we forget”, let’s hope that one day politicians, rulers and other egomaniacs stop sending people into pointless wars. Let’s hope that one day there will be nothing to forget…


Time to bed (previous night): 0:00
Time got up (today): 06:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 5


06:30 – 2 slices toast, one with a little syrup, one with vegemite. Glass water
07:00 – Hour of email and other computer stuff
08:00 – Vanilla and Almond porridge. Orange juice
09:00 – Long walk (just over half an hour) with Marble
12:30 – Walking around Coventry Square Markets – Chinese combination for lunch
16:15 – Walkabout Wellness for weigh-in and training session
18:30 – Lamb shanks, roasted veggies (squash, pumpkin, potato, onion, zucchini)
22:00 – Milk, bed

Walkabout Wellness

Weighed in at 126.8kg – significant milestone as this now puts me under 20 stone for the first time in a while!

5 min warm-up on bike
1000m row – 3m 56s – personal best!
Boxing session – various permutations of boxing, crunches, push-ups, squats, lunges and running. Hard session, good fun!
4 x 200m row. 36s, 36s, 37s, 37s – the leader board still eludes me!


No gym this morning, so I stayed up later last night (working) and had a gentle start to the day…

The reason for this is that I’m going to the 4pm session at Walkabout Wellness instead. Variety is the spice of life…

Summary of the day – a good day all round!

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