30 Apr 2013 – parisienne walkways

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-j5vCJKM-4?rel=0] 

can’t believe it’s the last day of april already – this year is cruising along at an astonishing pace!

unlike me this morning when it was time to get up. very snuggly and warm under that duvet, and there was a slight temptation to declare today a rest day (this weekend’s long run is on sunday, so it sort of creates an extra day).

but no, I got up like a good boy, and resolved to slip in an extra easy row on the extra day (Friday).

the run itself went well, holding a very good pace (just over 7 minutes per km) over the first 4km – the last 2.5km (ish) was slower, especially the very last 1km. took the dog out for a stroll around the block afterwards as part of the warm down.

as I type this, the thigh muscles are aching a bit, and the left knee is throbbing a little – should have applied some cooling gel. probably be a good idea to take some anti-inflammatories and nip it in the bud.

lite ‘n’ easy brekkie and lunch worked well yesterday – had a great variety, and despite breakfast being smaller (especially the cereal) I had plenty to eat. hopefully start to see the weight start to reduce again soon (though that wasn’t the primary reason for switching).

the half marathon is now less than 3 weeks away – shouldn’t be a problem finishing it, after all I’m doing longer distances on trianing runs at the moment. the big one in June will be the real test…

03:00 – glass water, jatz cracker
03:15 – 6.63km run – 49:24
04:30 – small bowl fruit & bran flakes, vanilla yoghurt, 1 piece oat and wholegrain toast & honey, glass orange juice, cup coffee
05:25 – bus, nap
07:00 – black coffee
09:00 – fruit cup (pear)
10:45 – ciabatta with tomato bruschetta
11:00 – thai beef salad, fruit salad fruit cup, banana & date muffin
13:00 – peri-peri chicken (chicken, rice, carrot, green beans, kidney beans)
14:20 – bus, nap
21:00 – chicken, bean soup, cake, fruit & nuts
22:30 – milk, bed


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