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92 days to go and here I am, almost a third of the way into my 20km walk to work.

And you know what? It may be a slow pace, but the distance has simply become “normal” for me now. In just over 3km, I’m halfway and I’m not even fully awake yet 🙂

And this is a good thing; a really really good thing. Because out on the road, we are looking at 18 weeks of relentless forward progress, 18 weeks of getting up, getting ready, and getting 12 to 15km done before most people’s day starts.

12 to 15km chunks will become a regular feature and will need to generate a similar emotion to that raised by the prospect of walking to the local shops.

This will be my job. 50 to 60lm per day, 300km per week, for 18 weeks. Step by step by step, embracing this great country of ours with the soles of my @[194981427216918:274:Hoka OneOne Australia] shoes.

But of course, this doesn’t happen in isolation, and the raising of 1 million bucks for @[161983380481806:274:Heart Foundation] is a tall order for even the most determined individual.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far is the value of team work, the need to include souls who are sympathetic to your cause, and the power of making many many small connections to provide a robust foundation to build on.

So far on this journey, I’ve met some incredibly supportive and helpful people, all of whom have a key role to play in getting me through to Brisbane safely. From the “enablers” of @[144320085676038:274:parkrun Australia] to the individual passion and support of Murray at @[273299899515918:274:Runwest], (including Hoka,@[149771008485982:274:Lightfeet] and @[197383453774205:274:Tailwind Nutrition Australia])

From the personal support of Mark Iriks of Easifleet to the amazing web skills of @[729354640429451:274:Sanford & Smith] (and now effectively the support of Say Bubble)

Some crazy random connections such as @[646602368766032:274:Amazeballs], @[630580966989229:274:Big Think], @[491628967527952:274:Publicity for Profit], @[742571532488683:274:Oz Virtual Racing], @[1412966662254393:274:Run Down Under], @[412911745437201:274:Old Masters Young Guns], @[109735882424830:274:USANA Australia New Zealand], @[148111498588945:274:Jetts Australia]

Personal support of good running friends, @[615790761851389:274:Michelle’s Race for Miracles], @[332310426890952:274:Running GIRL], @[166432330197796:274:Anything is Possible], @[222721754451506:274:Rogue Runners Club Australia] and so many more!

And of course, the training, advice and support of Markus of @[373181886075711:274:Run Forest Run] and @[149778215035723:274:Aussie Beach TV]

When we hit the road, it will be thanks to all those above and so many more. The success of this event relies on a huge, diverse and geographically dispersed army of supporters.

I thank you all for your part in this, and remind everyone that you too can play a part with a contribution at http://GoFundMe.com/HAA2015


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