9th January 2015

early start today, with a 20km walk to work on the schedule. made the mistake of not wearing the new Hokas; the previous pair are still fine for general purpose wear, but really not at their best for 20km of walking or running. slightly sore feet = lesson learned 🙂

I have to say, despite a bit of a disappointing training session the other morning, this week has gone really well, and I’m feeling very happy with the adjustments made to my eating/fueling. the deliberate, planned calorie increase has removed all bad snacking temptations completetely and my energy levels are pretty consistent across the whole day



Time got up (today): 03:00
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4 (had to fight small urge to go back to sleep lol)


03:00 – vanilla nutrimeal, probiotic
03:30 – walk to work (see below)
8:15 – coffee (2 sugars), fudge delite
09:00 –  honey muesli flakes & skim milk, soy & linseed toast (2 slices) with plum jam

walk to work


lunchtime walk


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