a completely fantabulous couple of days


yesterday was truly awesome. I did day 12 of the plank challenge (1 min 30 seconds) and then went for an early long run – 8km.

it was supposed to be a long slow run, but I pushed it a little. for a reason. i’ll reveal all in a moment.

but I did 8.02km in 53:24 – I described it as my best training run ever. it felt brilliant. it was the fastest i’ve run that distance. the fastest average pace.

after that it was a family trip down south (a couple hundred kilometers) to view a house that we’re interested in. in terms of potential, it was perfect.

and then today…

today started at about 3am or something like that. 4.75km easy active recovery run in the cold.

the run took 41:50 – like I say, it was a recovery run.

it loosened up some muscles very nicely. it also loosened up the brain muscle.

some more of my shit bubbled to the surface, got dealt with and washed away.

it set a precedent for the day. I went public on the facebook page with a goal I was keeping secret.

I am aiming to hit or break through the 1 hour mark on my 10km fun run this sunday coming.

as soon as I put it out there, I felt sick.

what if I fail?

but the community responded massively – so much support and messages of “you can do it”. truly humbling and amazing.

and then tonight…

I just cleared a backlog of email and some other stuff that’s been hanging around.

feeling strangely productive.

maybe this goal setting stuff isn’t so bad after all.


image courtesy of Creative Commons License paul bica via Compfight

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