a day for lots of thinking it seems

3:15am or thereabouts, that’s when my day started.

1 minute plank hold (day 10 of 30)

then a nice 6.6km run, in the cold, in the dark, just me and my thoughts.

there’s a few things swirling around my mind currently, one of which is whether to do a blog post about the rest of it.

not sure at the moment. it’s probably best to leave it a while.

in fact just now I read a tweet that went something like “the way to clear muddy water is to leave it alone”

maybe soon I will reveal all (not a nude selfie, promise!)

oh and that run? 48:43 – not bad, but still maybe not quite where I’d like it to be… thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless!


image courtesy of Krischan Schallenberger via Compfight

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