a magical adventure

the idea has been out in the wild for less than a week, and already it is generating excitement, attracting attention. occupying my mind all day long.

there’s going to need to be adjustments, i’m going to have to get myself even more organised. the FB page, the blog, the sh*t-sorter files, the PT study, the plan to run across australia – all has to fit together, and fit into the framework of my life in general.

but it’s all related, all inter-linked, all connected to a central passion that will keep me going. keep the fire burning. until the journey is done and the next chapter begins.

the power of social media

my journey to date has been “documented” in public, on facebook as well as this blog. the ideas and inspirations that have fuelled this latest idea all came through facebook in one way or another.

i’ve been making initial contact with potential sponsors, partners and commercial providers. all through their facebook presence. usually getting a reply providing me with an appropriate contact email.

word of the project is spreading. the sparks are beginning to flicker across the globe. friends of friends are being asked “are YOU running across australia?”

as word spreads, so momentum will build. people will join the event. advisors, support crew, participants will bubble up to the surface and make themselves known. that’s the power of a human network. the power of networking, of actually talking to and connecting with other human beings.

a story-teller’s journey

based on current advice, this is going to be more like a 4 month journey. much of the timeframe depends on what my body will withstand. much of that will depend on my training, and how my body reacts to that training.

the run itself will likely be done on the basis of running a similar distance for 6 days every week, and taking 1 rest day.

as i make my way from capital city to capital city, there will be opportunities to talk to schools, community groups and other interested parties. telling my story, showing people that they can do whatever they allow themselves to believe.

this story-telling / speaking aspect will add time for sure, yet it is the core of why i am even doing this. to spread the message that “running changes lives” and to show people they CAN create an amazing life for themselves.

some serious logistical requirements

the list is never-ending it seems. transport. accommodation. camper. support vehicles. support crew. nutrition. hydration. electrolytes. minerals. vitamins. massage. physio. technology. communications. media. sponsors. running gear… and much much more

ok, i know. it’s not a small undertaking. it needs a bloody good team behind it. it needs some good publicity and exposure. it needs funding.

and it will happen. the right people are out there. the right contacts. the companies with vision and a taste for adventure. it’s all out there ready to be pieced together.

it’s happening now. already. initial steps being taken, and momentum is building.

the logistics side of things needs a project coordinator. at some point in the near future, my training is going to become the main focus, to ensure that i am physically able to complete this.

“everything else” will need handling – that person will be critical to the project’s success.

and yes, the training…

i have said all along that the actual run will be the easiest part of all this.

forgetting all the logistical support-side for a moment, it’s getting to the start line that is going to be the bulk of the work for me personally.

double run days, running very long distances, sometimes on consecutive days.

focusing on the marathon in july, yes. but always with an eye to the grand prize. the big adventure.

all roads leading to the craziest thing i have done in my life so far.

and it will take discipline. motivation. commitment. focus. persistence.

ALL the skills and attributes that i either had or developed, that got me to the finishing line of the perth marathon.

and at the end of the day, that’s what this is all about.

showing that you simply take those things, add some kind of personal passion and then…

something magical happens.


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