a new toy to play with

so I am now the proud owner of a pedometer…  I’ll admit that I wasn’t entirely convinced as to how a step counter was going to fit into things… but read on!

not just a step counter

One of the things I’ve been asked to do is to pick a well defined route, irrespective of distance, and time how long it takes to complete. Then, as time goes on, I’ll be able to measure progress by the (hopefully) shorter times taken to complete the exact same route.

So I’ve gone with one of the dog walk routes that I’d estimated to be about 2km and set about timing myself when I took Marble (the greyhound pup who is benefiting from all these lovely walks) for a walk this morning.

At this point the pedometer made things very easy – not only does it keep track of steps, not only does it calculate approximate distance covered, it also has a stopwatch built in!

worth spending a few dollars on

In the space of a few hours I’ve become a pedometer convert – having the stopwatch function was really handy, and I’m quite surprised at how quickly the step count and distance are building up. I’ve been told that 10,000 steps per day is about where you should be for a normal, active life. I laughed and gasped yet already this morning I’ve clocked up over 2000 of those. Amazing.

So the only thing I would add to my new enthusiasm for this gadget is the suggestion that it’s worth spending a few dollars on a good quality one. The one I have is supplied by weightwatchers and has the multiple functions mentioned, it’s also likely to be more accurate than a “cheapy”.

Last night I wasn’t sure that this was 30-odd dollars well spent – today I’m convinced it’s a very small investment that is worth making.

Oh and if you want to know about this mornings times etc. you can find all that in the Journal.

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