be bold, be brave, be strong, live life

today’s daily journal post, and song of the day (from which these posts get their title), was entitled “brave”.

and it made me wonder how many of us wish we were braver?

brave enough to pursue our passion
brave enough to follow our bliss
brave enough to say “life is short, let’s have fun”
brave enough to say “yolo” and NOT waste that life by spending it on beer, cigarettes and other substances and “things” designed either to numb or or distract
brave enough to post something like this online….

now admittedly I’ve been fairly “evangelical” about making changes to your life, about sorting your sh*t out, about the benefits of running (physically, mentally and spiritually). hesitant to even mention “spiritually” – it can mean so many different things to so many people…

it has been said that in many ways I can seem a little “born again” with it all, and to be honest I’ve often described it as a “rebirth” type of feeling. To say that my life has changed from what it was would be a massive understatement.

and that’s how we can so often find ourselves stuck. wanting to move towards something, to make changes, to shift forwards – but then paralysed by fear, by the opinions of others, and let’s face it by our own limited thinking. thinking that has kept us where we are.

so I want to know… there are many many people on here, and on other running pages, pushing boundaries, making sacrifices, stepping out of their comfort zones, changing their lives, sorting their sh*t out.

do you then take this into your everyday life, do you take this new-found confidence and insight and apply it to business, for example?

does it make you brave enough to do all the things I mentioned above, or is it /just/ about fitness, just about looking good on the beach?

I know that for me it has certainly improved my health, but it has also opened mental doorways and presented opportunities like running the London Marathon next month (a dream come true within months of putting it out there)

but I’m not completely sure, at the moment at least, that it’s completely converting to other areas of life – still some fear there perhaps…

so how about you? if you could be doing whatever you wanted, would it be what you are doing now? if not, why not, and what will you do about that?

are you sorting your sh*t out and living the amazing life you always dreamed of?


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