breaking the rules with an unscheduled run

i was knackered yesterday, got home after spending the day surrounded by sheer bloody dreariness. a “planning” meeting of epicly dull proportions.

the biggest thing i got from it was the fact i raided the fruit plate when morning tea was served. yup, fruit. and i ignored the pastries. i felt quite proud of myself,

but by 8:30 i was more than ready for bed. every little fidget and cheeky comment from my 4 year old irritated me beyond reason. i was tired and drained.

i awoke fully refreshed and raring to go

at about 2:30am I think. roughly 6 hours sleep and i was feeling much better. but today was a rest day, and with the dreariness of the day before still in my mind, and a million other thoughts besides, i NEEDED to run. i WANTED to run.

so i attempted a 5 minute plank – achieved 3 minutes 30 seconds – damn!

then i slipped out the front door, into the heavy rain. and gently padded around my current favourite route.

no garmin watch. no iphone with runkeeper. no pressure. no goals.

i just plodded and padded along at an easy pace. no real idea of distance or time, though I’d guess at something like 7km in about50 minutes maybe?

i honestly don’t know. i just slipped out that door with no gadgets. got drenched in the driving rain, and enjoyed every fucking second.

and do you know what? i needed THAT more than i needed a “rest”.

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