can I have a P please Bob?

if you laughed at and understood the title and picture, then you probably grew up in the UK in the 80s.

it refers to a popular quiz show, “Blockbusters”, if you don’t get the pun then you can find out about it here.

so what’s that got to do with the price of fish, you may ask

well, absolutely bugger all, it’s just a clumsy seque into today’s topic of choice; “things I didn’t expect as a result of starting on a health kick”

and I’m not even talking about the obvious ones, things like actually-enjoying-running. things like enjoying exercise.

no, the things I’m talking about are the slightly odd and vaguely amusing – here’s the top 3…

3. water, water, everywhere

there’s no easy way to put this – but when you increase your water intake, you increase the outflow too.

on the plus side, I probably get my 10,000 steps in each day just walking to and from the lav!

on the down side…. errr, well, I spend all day walking to and from the lav!

it all came to a head the other day – I had to get off the bus on my way home from work. head into the shopping mall, go to the loo, then back to the bus stop to catch the next bus home! 

(now do you see the link with the article title? lol)

2. buying a big pot of petroleum jelly to lubricate my nipples

I would never have imagined uttering that line, even less actually doing that. regularly.

when I started doing long runs, I noticed increased sensitivity in the nipple region, I ignored it, put it down to cold weather, or some by-product of a hard workout / sweating…

but then I ran about 20km, and subsequently spent 2 entire frigging days(!) with rock-hard ultra-sensitive nipples. I figured it wasn’t going to go away.

a quick consult with Dr Google gave me everything I needed to know. One tub of petroleum jelly was acquired. I’ve been in nipple nirvana ever since…

1. becoming a male version of Imelda Marcos

well, maybe not quite as bad as the queen-of-shoes herself, but I’ve certainly developed a bit of a “thing” for shoes.

it all started innocently enough, my battered old pair of trainers gave up the ghost not long after I started going to the gym. to be fair, they were being asked to perform a wide variety of functions at this point; casual footwear with jeans, early morning walks with the dog, and then gym sessions (including being strapped into a rowing machine).

so it was no suprise when they literally started to fall apart.

that was when I bought my first pair of New Balance trainers.

after a while I realised that it probably wasn’t the best idea to have just one pair of trainers for everything (I’ve always maintained that all I need is one pair of black shoes and one pair of trainers). so a second pair of New Balance trainers joined the team.

then I decided it was time to start training for the marathon, and would therefore need “proper running shoes” and not just general purpose trainers.

enter New Balance pair number 3…

currently I’m deciding whether to get a pair of New Balance “minimus” trail shoes for Tough Mudder (apparently they are easy to clean afterwards), or instead to get a new pair of general purpose shoes, demote pair #1 to “gardening duties”, pair #2 to “everyday casualwear” and the new pair for the gym…

come to think of it – I’m now blogging about bladder issues, sore nipples and shoes!!!

WTF? I think this fitness lark is turning me into a woman…

image courtesy of Duncan Stephen via Compfight

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