create your own opportunity

Have you been watching the latest series of Biggest Loser? I have, and looking forward once more to seeing individuals and lives transformed. Yeah it’s packed full of TV ratings cheese, careful editing etc. however the individual stories and efforts are still there underlying it all.

wish you were there?

It’s easy to watch the show and think “wow, those people are so lucky to get the chance”. It’s true, they really are lucky to have a chance to live in the perfect environment to make some serious changes.

In previous series I’ve often found myself getting angry at the contestants who throw it away, and also thinking “what I wouldn’t give to get that sort of chance”.

the opportunity is right here, right now

Here’s the thing – you’re not going to get that opportunity unless you apply to go on the show, fit the particular demographic for the next series (will it be singles, couples, families?) and get selected out of thousands of applicants.

Or are you?

Why not create the “once in a lifetime” opportunity yourself? After all, what is stopping you from putting your hand up, saying “I want to change my life” and then doing something about it?

Consider this – instead of reading this, why not go out for a 5 or 10 minute walk? That could literally be the first steps towards creating the changes you desire.

It really is up to you, and you can be sure that all the help and support you need IS out there ready for you to take advantage of.

I’ve made the decision this year NOT to watch Biggest Loser and indulge in the “what-if” game. This time I can watch the program as a potential source of useful information I can put into practice.

If I can do it, anyone can. They just have to allow themselves to believe that!

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