daily journal rebooted

a while back i stopped bothering with a daily journal entry, and got into more of a habit of posting brief summaries of workouts to the facebook page instead.

then i got the crazy idea to run across australia!

a few conversations later, and in particular one very detailed chat with Markus of Run Forest Run, it looks like we are effectively back at square one…

training ground zero and maintaining a detailed record

two years ago i was completely out of shape and a couple of months away from deciding to do a marathon.

now i’m very fit by comparison, but when you consider what is involved PHYSICALLY in running across this vast country, i’m in the same position, relatively speaking, as i was back then.

so its back to ground zero, square one. familiar territory!

i was also advised by Markus to keep a detailed training diary, documenting food and exercise in detail. every day.

which was this blog’s main purpose in the beginning

and that’s the reason for this post – although i’m not going to start training for stupid distances just yet, i’m officially re-opening the daily journal section, and will get back in the habit of maintaining it.

that way, by the time training gets serious, i will have re-established the journaling habit and it will be one less thing to worry about!

so here we go. the next phase. what a journey this is turning out to be…

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