Feb 06 2018: Diary Revisited…

So, if I am brutally honest (and really that’s the only way), a lot has gone wrong in the past couple of years. Great habits have been undone, excuse-making has returned, and most worrying is the fact that it’s taken me so long to remember that I have the control and the power. Tonight I read back over a few old journal entries, and realised just how far I have strayed from the good stuff. It all changes now. Not tomorrow, not Monday, not next month… right now.

Training / Physical Activity

Skipped bike ride as needed to get to work as early as possible, then spent most of the day sat at the desk. Not sure why it is so hard to go for regular walks like I used to!


Breakfast: large bowl of cereal, semi-skim milk, cup of coffee with no sugar

Mid-morning: Long mac topped up, no sugar

Lunch: Pie, bag of chips, vanilla yoghurt, fruit and nuts

Afternoon snack: fruit and nuts

Dinner: Leftovers of pork stir fry, fried eggs and cheese

Generally quite flat, tired, stressed and concerned about where I am at fitness-wise 


Lots of work to be done!

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