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something odd is going on at the moment. I started a sort-of-expanded-about section that is rapidly becoming a mini war & peace-esque “epic”.

and it’s probably not even massively interesting to many people in the long run.

but I’m going with the flow. I feel the need to put it out there, even though it doesn’t really tie in with running, making changes and all that jazz.

yet somehow it does. there’s a purpose somewhere. dots to be connected. I’m waiting to find out what those are.

one thing that is for sure, as I write very quick summaries of large chunks of my life, I’m remembering stuff. potential anecdotes. unique experiences that might be worth expanding on in the future.

perhaps, ultimately, this blog will take on multiple personalities, will become multifaceted. all centred around some theme or other.

right now, I’m as curious to know where it’s going as you probably are!

image courtesy of James Good via Compfight

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