Feb 01 2012: Pinch Punch, First of the Month!

Was in bed just after 10 last night, tired in a good way. Woke up about 4:30am and got straight into it; breakfast, then walk, then off to the CBD for a 7am start.

Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal (Just Right), skim milk
Mid-morning: 1 large banana
Lunch: MYO Sandwich (2 slices unbuttered brown bread, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, jalapenos, onion, cress, 1 thin slice ham, 1 slice swiss cheese)
Mid-afternoon: 1 red apple
Late afternoon: 1 fresh fig, 1 fresh passion fruit
Dinner: Kangaroo, tomato, baked potato, mushrooms

Plain, filtered water: 2800ml
1 long macchiato, 2 sugars

Usual walk with dog, completed in 16m 12s
Bus/train into Perth, walk across from city train station to Esplanade (roughly 1.5km)
Lunchtime walk down stairs and to MYO and back

Physical, Mood etc.:
Still no sign of the positiveness disappearing anytime soon 🙂
12:15pm – all good 🙂

While walking, noticed a tendency to focus on the fact that it was exercise. This is something I’ve avoided successfully so far (mainly by just enjoying the early morning bird song etc.) Managed to shake myself out of that (focus on exercise) and hopefully being aware of it will mean I can avoid it in the future.

If it all starts to be perceived as “exercise” or “hard work” it’s going to become harder to get up at 4am or so. It’s a mind thing – thought management 🙂

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