Feb 03 2012: DJ Clubfit Day

Should be an interesting day today – I will be heading to Walkabout Wellness this evening for a DJ Clubfit session (gulp)…

Anyway, another 4:00 start thing morning, though the dog beat me to it and was in our room looking for me before I’d even got up! Cool and damp outside.

Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal (Just Right), skim milk (pre walk), 1 piece dry toast with vegemite and cheese, glass orange juice
Mid-morning: 1 medium banana
Lunch: Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box (Chicken, rice, 2 pieces sushi roll, shredded cabbage, fruit salad)
Snacks: A few grapes, 1 square of rum n raisin chocolate, yoghurt-coated muesli bar
Dinner: 2 slices toast with half a can of baked beans (after Clubfit)

Plain, filtered water: 4750ml (including water consumed during Clubfit session)
Orange juice: 100ml approx
1 long macchiato, 2 sugars
1 glass milk (200ml)

Usual walk with dog, completed in 15m 52s
Bus/train into Perth, walk across town
Down stairs from level 8 (210 stairs) twice
Walk around town to get lunch
DJ Clubfit session

Physical, Mood etc.:
Woke up feeling very positive
Dull aches in a few places, simply indicating body parts are actually getting used again lol
Didn’t feel like I needed a nap on the bus or train – wide awake. Slight tiredness kicked in as soon as I was at my desk. I’ll put it down to the weather 🙂
Was aching a little after the Clubfit session, recovered well and buzzing after. Then I started to think about bed around 9:30pm

Session with Britt and crew went well, need to figure out how to avoid getting to bed earlier and earlier.

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