Feb 04 2012: DJ-Day + 1

Slow-ish start today, woke at 1am, 3am then 3:45. Lay in a half-asleep mode for a while, not sure if my legs would want to move. Finally managed to roll out of bed at 4:15.

The dog on the other hand… she was raring to go!

Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal (Just Right), skim milk (pre walk), 1 slice of toast and fried egg
Mid-morning: 2 fresh passion fruit, 4 fresh figs
Lunch: a sandwich consisting of a wholemeal loaf, hollowed out then filled with salad, mushrooms, beans, chicken, pumpkin and then sliced (I didn’t eat the whole loaf!) Very tasty, very healthy and very satisfying!
Dinner: 3 tacos filled with turkey mince, salad, sour cream, cheese, beans.

Plain, filtered water: 2400ml
1 bottle coke zero (with lunch)
1 glass of skim milk

Usual walk with dog, completed in 16m 59s (gained a whole minute – no doubt a knock-on effect from the Clubfit session yesterday)
Kept as active as possible, moving around. Sitting still for any length of time led to stiffness.

Physical, Mood etc.:
Woke up feeling OK. Surprised I wasn’t stiffer or sorer. Enjoyed the walk.
Noon: Feeling a bit sore and tired, which is curiously pleasing as it is a signal that I’ve done some good.
9:40pm: First really challenging day, was tempting to just sit and veg out under the pretence of “recovery”. Very happy I resisted that!

Joined Jetts Gym this morning – introduction session on Tuesday. 24×7 gym, so can fit that in to suit my schedule.

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