Feb 09 2012: Gym Day 2

Woke up at 4am having slept solidly from 10pm last night. Throat itchy, muscles achy, sneezing… I’m ignoring the “cold” symptoms, it’s another one of those reactions; it would appear that I am currently allergic to physical exercise!!


Breakfast: 1 slice bread, no butter, vegemite (pre gym) 1 slice dry toast and fried egg
Mid-morning: 1 banana, 1 piece chocolate mud cake (someone’s birthday and I declined a 2nd piece – win!)
Lunch: Half a sandwich. wholemeal bread (no butter), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, chicken, cheese, mayo. Approx. 40g of “Nuts n More” mix (nuts, fruit and seeds)
Mid-afternoon: Other half of sandwich, rest of Nuts n more.
Dinner: Salmon pesto with 0 points weightwatchers slim pasta


Plain, filtered water: 3400ml
2 glass orange juice (400ml)
1 long macchiato, 2 sugars


Gym: 5 minutes bike warm-up, 4 x 500m on rower, with leg stretches in between. 10 fitball squats, 12 push-ups (knees)
Short walk with dog around the block
1.5km walk across town from train station to office
3 x Down office stairs – level 8 to ground
1 x Up office stairs – level 1 to level 8 (no access from outside on ground level )

Physical, Mood etc.:

Morning: 4am Mentally great, physically a little battered. Ignoring cold-like symptoms
Lunch – Still great – bit of a walk at lunchtime. Cold trying to break through ; I am not letting it!
Night – Mood is fine, body and mind tired, ready for a good night’s sleep.


Forgot if the rower had been set to 3 or 4 yesterday, set it to 4. That’s the new baseline. I seemed to be “suffering” the impact of yesterday’s workout and times were slower today. Less pausing in each 500m block though!

Times for rowing:

1: 2m 35s
2: 2m 55s
3: 3m 05s
4: 3m 25s

Out of puff, hips aching, legs like jelly and technique still awful – another 2km nailed though!

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