Feb 12 2012: Lazy Starts Continue

We got back from family dinner a little later than usual, so it was almost midnight again when I got to bed. Fortunately I woke up at a more “sensible” 6am and went for a walk about 6:15. Today’s a big day, with the official Weightloss Challenge weigh-in and I’ll also be doing some work with Britt including having a revised plan of things to do in the next week or so.

I wanted to start the day in the right way and pushed hard on the walk (no dog to slow me down). Must have worked because I completed it in 15m 29s. I think that’s the best time so far.

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-walk) cheese sandwich (toast with no butter, grated Bega low fat cheese)
Mid-morning: At Walkabout Wellness gym doing benchmarks etc.
Lunch: Curried egg and tomato sandwich
Mid-afternoon: Missed due to falling asleep!
Family Dinner: Tuna and veg mornay

Plain, filtered water: 4000ml
1 glass orange juice (200ml)

Dog Walk: Completed usual dog walk route (minus dog) in 15m 29s
Benchmarks for Walkabout Wellness weightloss challenge:

3km on bike (warm-up)
500m row (2m 51s)
1km run (7m 45s I think – mostly walked)
1km row (about 6m 30s from memory)
20 push ups

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning: 6:00am woke up feeling good, looking forward to weighing in etc. keen to start “officially”
Lunch – Recovered well from all activities at WW gym; crashed after lunch though, really tired!
Night – 9:15pm shoulders aching, some residual soreness all over from the morning’s efforts. Ready for some quality sleep.

Great day overall – the weight loss and reduction in all key body measurements gave great positive feedback that things are changing already. That’s only with the prep work, so will be good to see how much more things change with the real work!

Actually did some running today – first time in years. Guess it wasn’t such a lazy day after all 🙂

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