Feb 14 2012: Valentine’s Day Massacre

“Violets are blue,
Roses are red
I was down at the gym
When normal people were still in bed…”

Happy Valentines Day everyone – or as I call it, “Weightloss Challenge Day 2”. I think that’s a more romantic name overall…

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-gym) 2 multigrain weetbix with skim milk
Mid-morning: 1 large banana
Lunch: Salad bowl (chicken, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, gherkins, carrot)
Mid-afternoon: 1 banana
Dinner: Beef curry, brown rice and daal

Plain, filtered water: 3500ml
1 glass orange juice (200ml)
2 long macchiato – no sugar
Glass milk

Gym (details below)
Short walk with Marble
1.5km walk from bus stop to office
Down stairs level 8 to ground x 4
Up stairs level 1 to level 8 x 3
Step count: 10770

5 minute warm up on bike
600m row – 3m 51s
10 push-ups, 10 fitball squats, stretching
800m row – 5m 14s
600m row – 3m 28s

I had woken up at 3:45am today, so I had a bit of time spare at the end of the gym session and threw in some walking on the treadmill. 1km in 11 minutes.

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning – Woke up at 3:45am, having woken a few times in the night, minor aching, keen to get on with it.
Lunch – Alive and kicking!
Night – Not overly tired, energy levels pretty good. Felt great.

Adding meditation to the routine is working fine so far – I’ve downloaded a half hour meditation audio and that fits neatly into the bus trip into Perth.

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    1. Yeah I did make an effort to keep knees together a bit more today and still had plenty of puff for an extra effort on the last 600m. Obviously the recovery between rows is effective.

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