Feb 20 2012: Bad Gym Day

Day 1, week 2 of the Walkabout Wellness Weightloss Challenge and I was up at 3:40am, hitting the gym around 4. Was raring to go knowing I would comfortably do the 500m rows in well under 2m 30s, and itching to have a crack at the new goal of doing at least half the push-ups as full “toe” push-ups rather than “knee” ones (i.e. man’s pushups, not girl pushups lol).

Didn’t quite pan out as hoped – 2 of the 3 lots of pushups were done 5 of each (toe and knee), nothing left on the final set so settled for 10 knee ones. The rowing was the killer; barely scraped under 2:30 for all 4 rows and struggled with the breathing towards the end of each. The worst impact though was a really foul state of mind when I came out of the gym – luckily a spot of “thought management”, while taking a short walk with the dog, seems to have helped on that front.

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-gym) slice dry toast and microwaved egg
Mid-morning: Banana
Lunch: Chicken and salad pitta wrap, nuts and more
Mid-afternoon: Banana, finished the nuts and more
Family Dinner: Fish, potato, broccolini, salad

Plain, filtered water: 3500ml
1 glass orange juice (200ml)
Glass milk

Gym (details below)
Short walk with Marble
Approx 5000 steps – all-day seminar gave limited opportunity for walking!

5 minute warm up on bike
Stretching – legs, back, shoulders
500m warm-up row – 2m 29s
10 push-ups, 10 fitball squats, 10 calf raises
500m row – 2m 20s
10 push-ups, 10 fitball squats, 10 calf raises
500m row – 2m 27s
10 push-ups, 10 fitball squats, 10 calf raises
500m row – 2m 28s
Stretching – legs, back, shoulders

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning – Woke up just after 3:30am, raring to go.
Lunch – Positive mind, little tired
Night – Ready for bed – heavy day mentally plus early start have drained me!


Just noticed – all the rowing times were better than last Monday, so maybe not such a bad gym session after all…

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