get thee behind me, cup cakes!

OK, so what’s the deal here? I’m making some good progress this week, making some really good choices and putting things into action (instead of just thinking about doing that). What is my reward? An unprecedented level of temptation in the work place!

too many cup cakes r problem

A colleague very kindly made a large number of cup cakes to say thanks for some work our team had carried out for them. On the same day, one of our team members brought in some delicious cherry pie.

So yesterday I allowed myself an indulgence, I figured it’s still the pre-start period and even the Biggest Loser contestants are forced to face temptation each week.

Problem is there were so many cakes, and I ate far fewer than I normally would have, that they’ve just been pulled out of the fridge for morning tea round TWO.

cherry pie – mmmmmmm

I don’t really feel “bad” that I ate the cherry pie, I actually feel quite good because I skipped the biggest piece (which previously I would have zoomed in on automatically) and took the thinnest piece of all.

It was just as delicious as yesterday, though I’m pretty sure I’ve cancelled out all the good done by this morning’s walking and getting off the bus one stop early.

I’m going to put this week down as being an exception. It’s the sort of thing that WILL need to be improved on but I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

(Actually, I just said “no” when offered seconds, so that’s a result!)

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