well it’s all been fun and games at NMMFG HQ!

the technical issues with recording last week’s video led to me re-installing Windows 8 on the laptop.

which led to lots of downloads occuring in the background for Windows Updates, and synching things like Dropbox.

which ate up my entire month’s mobile data allowance in the space of a few days

and took the home internet downloads over the maximum for the first time ever!

net result – the home internet got upgraded to “unlimited” for a few dollars but…. I will be without mobile internet for almost 3 weeks…

no Facebook during the day??? I really don’t know how I will survive – I’m going to have to find free wifi spots in the city!!!

so, training and so on…

yesterday I joined a couple of the Rogues for a “wild goose chase” around the local suburbs. I had a “10k marathon race pace” on the schedule, and it just so happened that Renee had a 10k route in mind…

It was great fun, having company really helped in maintaining the pace right the way through to the end. Michelle did a great job as official pacer, though I did wind up leading the “pack” for a couple of sections myself too.

a great run, good company, and was really nice to run in a different part of the local area. nice one girls!

today (wednesday) was cross-training day – so I headed down to the gym around 4am.

10km on the bike in about 23:30, 5km on the rowing machine in 23:41, stretching, a bit of foam roller action, and I even threw in a token 10 push-ups as I have been neglecting body-weight strength stuff lately!

tuesday’s run:


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