in the beginning part two

it seems a lifetime ago that I was setting out on a voyage of transformation. of course, when I wrote my first post, it didn’t seem that big a deal; it was “just” me setting out to run a marathon. eventually.

so much has happened since then, I’ve lost 30kg, run many marathons and ultras, crossed Australia on foot, and ultimately put all the weight back on. along the way I may also have lost quite a bit of fitness and possibly confidence and belief. too.

how the “great reverse” actually happened is neither here nor there now; I view it as a chance to reapply all that I have learned and to enjoy the redo.

so this is it, the start of a new chapter, one that is simultaneously new and familiar. just like the start of the first chapter, this one starts with a goal; not a marathon this time, but a 100km ultra! but it is more than just a running / fitness goal. this is a continuation of the amazing personal & spiritual journey that this has become.

so here we go again 🙂

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