in the beginning…

In the beginning was a thought, and that thought proved to be both good and dangerous. It is because of that thought that I’m now stood at a crossroads, surveying the road I have just arrived on, and contemplating a major change in direction for the next leg.


It will undoubtedly come as a shock to pretty much everyone I know, that I am about to start a health “kick” with the aim of getting to the point where I can participate in and complete a Marathon (that’s just over 26 miles of running, just to clarify).


I have a number of reasons why I am doing this; firstly the obvious health benefits, secondly the sheer scale of achievement will provide clear proof that your own thoughts are the only thing stopping you doing anything, thirdly as a way of raising awareness, interest and sponsorship for a marvelous project based on some of these principles.

watch this space

As this blog unfolds, it will provide updates on my progress and tell the story more fully than I could hope to at this moment in time.

Have no doubts though – the project referred to will have a significant positive impact on the lives of teenage kids, and a knock-on effect that will benefit society as a whole. I take no credit for that – it is very much the vision of Britt Brennan of Walkabout Wellness. My role it seems is to be a “lab rat” in an experiment that will help attract necessary attention…

So yeah, if you’re still conscious Mum…. I’m going to run a marathon!

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