it’s beginning to sink in


I wasn’t sure what to write about today – would I simply post about how it was a rest day? would i perhaps write about having one final sports massage to make sure I’m as ready as possible for Sunday?

or maybe I could tell you how the excitement is building slowly inside. talking to people about my plans, working out which day I am going to the expo, figuring out who I might be able to catch up with and when.

perhaps I could regale you with tales of day-dreams. flashes and visions I am having of running in the London Marathon. moments where I find myself thinking about how it will feel to cross the finish line.

you might be more interested to know that I’m paranoid about getting a cold, hurting my feet, falling over, banging my scabby knees. perhaps my thoughts of how much it is going to hurt will entertain you – figuring out at which kilometer or mile the pain is going to bite hardest.

one option was to tell you how I plan to be in the moment, take it all in, enjoy the experience…

and then it struck me. it struck me hard. in less than 24 hours time, I am flying from Perth, Western Australia – heading to London (via KL). The purpose of my flight is to take part in one of the world’s biggest, most iconic running events. The mission I will be on, will be to be one of 36,000 runners. Living out a long-standing dream.

Unbelievable to think that it’s just under 10 months since I ran my first ever marathon. it’s only about 6 months since I dared tell the world that I really wanted to run the London Marathon, and had wanted to for a very long time.

and it’s happening. it’s happening in 4 days from now. the magnitude of that is just beyond belief to be honest. it’s happening with so much love and support from the facebook running community. it’s raised almost $4000 for the Heart Foundation, thanks to the generosity of some wonderful people.

I’m going to make my dream come true, a dream that thousands of other people are still chasing. and that brings me to the thing that I wanted to tell you today…

in december 2011 I was an overweight mess, incapable of running for the bus

april 13th 2014 I will be running the London Marathon.

for that I am truly truly grateful….

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