Jan 10 2019: Run To The Hills

Oh will we ever be set free?”
~ iron maiden, run to the hills ~

summary / notes

so, running, and getting back to it… the good news is that I haven’t lost my endurance. I know this, every once in a while I go and do something stupid, like 12.5km on a tough trail, or 23km over 5 hours on a slightly less tough trail…

but any vague resemblance to speed, fitness or even running form – well, let’s just say that I am currently relying on my memory – and as I head towards a number starting with 5… I really shouldn’t be so reliant on just memory 🙂

so right now, training runs are about 30 minutes in length, sometimes a bit longer (usually at parkrun), and cover about 3km (5 for parkrun). essentially it’s a couple of months following a “couch to 5k” type program, mostly to build consistency, re-establish routines, and set the stage for a training program for the Gold Coast Marathon in July.

I’ve withdrawn from a 100km ultra (I mean, really?) and have also (finally) convinced myself that I really do need to get back to basics (fully and properly this time)

and it’s a good thing. I’m enjoying it all again, and my body is being given a chance to adapt again, and to build a solid foundation.

with that all said, I am looking forward to a 12.5 / 13km flattish trail event in just a few weeks from now. but I will be there to enjoy it, enjoy the community vibe, and take as long as necessary with no pressure on myself. other people will be running 25 or 50km distances, so people won’t be hanging around waiting for me 🙂

so yeah, I think maybe this time it might be a genuine fresh start (and not a false dawn) and I’m really excited about it. 

training / physical activity

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned


positive 🙂

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