Jan 28 2012: Outside The Wall

So I was wondering what would happen today, given that by the time we got home from the show etc. it was close to half past midnight before I got to bed.

Amazingly I woke up at 4:30am! So I figured I’d go out for a walk (thus not breaking the habit) and then back to bed for a couple more hours. The dog (who now eagerly anticipates the walk and is usually found waiting at the door) was looking to go out anyway, so we did the walk and I went back to bed. Worked well actually.

Had 2 WW single point mini bacon muffin thingies to help the system kickstart prior to walking
Brekkie (just after 8am) – Bacon and Egg sandwich. 2 slices dry wholemeal toast, WW bacon, 1 hard-boiled egg sliced
Mid-morning: 1 freshly picked fig, 1 freshly picked passion fruit (the only 2 things not to die at my hands in our garden lol)
Lunch: Wholemeal sandwich; hard-boiled egg and sliced chicken, pack of pizza flavoured rice snacks, mini bacon muffin, mini passion fruit muffin
Mid-afternoon: 1 freshly picked fig, 1 freshly picked passion fruit
Family Dinner:
Pre-dinner nibbles (chips, dip, cheese, snow peas, olives)
Starters: 2 homemade spring rolls
Main: Plain rice, greens (snow peas and cabbage), 3 pieces of marinaded, skinless chicken
Dessert: Cornetto

Plain filtered water: Approx 3.5 litres by the end of the day, spread evenly across the day
Alcohol (family dinner): 2 beer stubbies, 2 glasses red wine, 1 scotch

Usual walk with dog. Timed at 16m 39s today
Cleaning pool
Dip in the pool and playing with my son.
Lazy day at home mostly

Feeling pretty good, very low level aches that are signalling that something is working. Muscles in back aching slightly in a good way, from the breathing/posture exercise.
Very low impact on the body overall, a couple days on from Australia Day and I’ve not seen anything of the sort of aches, pains etc. I would usually expect.
Needed an after-lunch nap – not sure if this is due to hot humid weather (over 40 degrees again), late night or combination of both.
By the end of the day I was ready for bed – not “drained” or worn out though, just ready for some sleep.

Mood etc:
Very positive, really enjoying things so far and knowing that these are the first baby steps to a radically different existence.
Hunger – have generally been OK, resisted temptation a couple of times and now looking at adding to daily intake after consulting with Britt.
Afternoon – still feeling good, was starting to be a bit fuzzy and unfocused before the sleep. It’s that kind of a day.
End of day – felt fine, and pretty pleased with being able to exercise some self-control in the evening.

The water thing is interesting – I’m wanting it more now and realising that my body has been hugely under-hydrated for as long as I can remember. Not getting the same feeling of insatiable thirst that I would get from time to time previously.


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