Jan 29 2012: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Woke up about 4:45am feeling a little thirsty – the alcohol consumed at the family dinner last night would have contributed to that. Having said that, it wasn’t a raging thirst and I didn’t have any real sense of having over-indulged.

1 WW single point mini bacon muffin thingy to help kick the system into life

Breakfast: 1 bowl of cereal and skim milk (bran flakes, oats, dried fruit – not sure of brand – something like Kellogs “Just Right”)

Mid-morning: 1 mini bacon muffin, 1 mini passion fruit muffin with a coffee. 1 Apple

Lunch: 2 pieces dry toast, poached egg, smoked salmon, mushrooms, asparagus

Mid-afternoon: 1 passion fruit, 1 fig

Dinner: Turkey mince meatballs, pasta and tomato/basil sauce


Plain filtered water: total through day approx 3.5 litres

1 x Coffee – skim milk, 2 sugars

1 mug of skim milk before bed

Usual morning walk with the dog – completed in 16m 23s

Swim and play in the pool with my son

Few loads of laundry on line and then off when dry

Woke up feeling refreshed and was able to get up without any internal battles

Had a 10 minute cat-nap about 8am – didn’t understand at first, then it dawned on me. When I wake up early in the week, I then have the chance to nap on the bus heading into Perth. So for the early starts to work at weekends, naps will still need to play a part.

Niggling headache that comes and goes – had it for a few weeks on and off; this week it’s more or less gone however it returned today. Might be connected with the amount of sleep.

11pm – niggly headache has gone

Mood etc.:
Surprisingly positive for a 4:45am start – I actually look forward to taking the dog for a walk first thing

1pm: Relaxed and positive. Feel like I’ve got more out of this weekend than any other for a long time. The early starts have extended the days very nicely.

6:45pm: Very happy. Been a very nice day, cooler weather, breezes, got loads done and looking forward to week 2…

11pm: Ending the weekend on a clam high – now to sleep and see what the new week brings!


Probably aim to get to bed before 11 tonight, have a feeling the headaches might be due to a small sleep deficiency. Have just about done this for long enough now that I can start thinking how to fit existing commitments into the new times and schedules, while keeping the new habits going.

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